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    Electric Field Problem in a Tube

    Homework Statement An alpha particle (a helium nucleus) is traveling along the positive x-axis at 1425 m/s when it enters a cylindrical tube of radius 0.700 m centered on the x-axis. Inside the tube is a uniform electric field of 5.00x10-4 N/C pointing in the negative y-direction. How far does...
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    Rotational Motion/Pulley Problem

    Homework Statement Two uniform disks with the same mass are connected by a light inextensible string supported by a massless pulley, on a frictionless axis. The string is attached to a point on the circumference of disk A. The string is wound around disk B so that the disk will rotate like a...
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    Rotation Problem/Total Kinetic Energy

    Homework Statement A spool of mass 8.67kg and radius 4.58m is unwound by a constant force 48.1N pulling on the massless rope wrapped around it. Assume the moment of inertia of the spool about O is 3/4mr^2 and it rolls w/o slipping. When the center of the spool has moved a distance d, find the...
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    Rolling Without Slipping/Loop Problem

    Homework Statement A small, solid sphere of mass 0.6kg and radius 27 cm rolls without slipping along the track consisting of slope (at an angle of 60degrees from horizontal) and loop-the-loop with radius 2.65m at the end of the slope. It starts from rest near the top of the track at a height...
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    Angular Speed

    Homework Statement A uniform disk is set into rotation with an initial angular speed about its axis through its center. While still rotating at this speed, the disk is placed in contact with a horizontal surface and released. What is the angular speed of the disk once pure rolling takes place...
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    Angular Momentum Problem

    Homework Statement The problem asks to calculate the angular momentum for a metallic bob that is suspended from the ceiling by a thread of negligible mass. The angle between the thread and the vertical is 30degrees. It is also given that the mass of the bob is 7 kg and the length of the thread...