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    How much current does the motor draw to produce the required torque?

    Homework Statement A small electric car overcomes a 269N friction force when traveling 28.6km/hr. The electric motor is powered by ten 12.0V batteries connected in series and is coupled directly to the wheels whose diameters are 50.6cm. The 295 armature coils are rectangular, 10.0cm by 14.8cm...
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    Calculating work from E-Field Graphs

    Homework Statement a)Calculate the work performed by an external agent to move a charge of -0.39x10^-12 C from `i' to `b' Hint: The equipotential lines shown are separated by 1 kV. Work to move a charge is...
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    Finding the coefficient of friction

    I need help with my homework. [Broken] Uploaded with I don't how to figure this out because you only get velocity :/ Homework Statement Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution