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    This pharse has three misstakes. How many mistakes does this phrase have?

    This farce has had more than three miss-takes surely, at least four of them from me...but... Q: how many mistakes does this phrase really have? A: None.
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    Genius' performance on tests?

    That depends on whether he ever manages to prove his cognitive emergence theory :smile:
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    Quantum Fields and Strings: A Course for Mathematicians

    Thanks brocks, I was afraid that would be the case when they jumped straight into category theory in the first chapter. I think I'll have to put this book on the back burner for now. Thanks again for you reply.
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    Quantum Fields and Strings: A Course for Mathematicians

    Has anyone here read Quantum Fields and Strings: A Course for Mathematicians vol 1 and/or vol 2? I was thinking about trying to tackle them but I'm unsure of what the mathematical prerequisites for doing so are. My background is in physics, but I have taken courses on differential geometry...
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    Tricky Questions

    Do all the passengers board the bus at the same stop? Because thinking about it, where I'm from at each stop generally some passengers get off a bus and new ones get on so in theory you could have a full bus at every stage of the journey while at the end of the bus route more than 100 people...
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    Tricky Questions

    I've made a bit of a mistake in the above; there are 6 possible values of f from those equations of which 12 is one. Yes of course!
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    Tricky Questions

    If you were to charge pregnant women the fare for a woman plus the charge for a child i.e. 5/4 + 1/5 dollars that would give a solution of 15 pregnant women, 21 non pregnant women, 60 children, and 4 men. The issue would be whether to count a pregnant woman as two passengers, but since they...
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    Tricky Questions

    There seems to be no solution when you treat the three groups, men, women, children as distinct but if you consider that each child is also male or female then consider a female child as being half a woman so should be charged half the fare for a woman as well as the fare for a child so 5/8 +...
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    Tricky Questions

    This might be a stupid question, but is the driver included in the 100 passengers?
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    Line and Letter Placement Puzzle

    I'm gonna guess
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    The Spinning Siren - a perceptual brain teaser

    Okay just saw it switch looking through just one eye ;) so that theory is bogus. I seem to find it easier to switch the rotation when I look at her foot and the shadow of her foot at the same time, I cant help wondering if the shadow is playing some part here? Perhaps in simplifying the image in...
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    The Spinning Siren - a perceptual brain teaser

    I think it would have something to do with one eye seeing her foot lets say, arrive slightly later on the right than the other eye does and your brain quickly switching between using (the information from) your dominant eye and the other eye when your dominant eye gets tired, so you would need...
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    The Spinning Siren - a perceptual brain teaser

    Okay assuming it's not just a simple case of switching the direction of the spin ever so often, I reckon it's probably just a matter of two things being slightly out of sinc, either the frequency of spin of the lady and her shadow, or a difference in strength between the muscles in your right...
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    One of These Things is Not Like the Others

    I like Dave's answer, but also couldn't an alternative answer be D following the same reasoning as for the first question?
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    If a man and a half can eat a cake and a half in a minute

    So to repeat arithmetix' question, are we allowed complex solutions? I get two possible complex ones: (45+i*9*(27)^1/2)*pi or (45-i*9*(27)^1/2)*pi (assuming I haven't made anymore silly mistakes, which is a big assumption :redface:).
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    IQ Test Questions

    I would possibly go for A for 9 because the row with alternate colours seems to be cycling through the rows from row1 -> row3 -> row2 -> row1 (where 1 is the top row) and changing colour each time. But then again the other pictures all have 4 purples and 5 blues so A doesn't really fit into...
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    If a man and a half can eat a cake and a half in a minute

    Okay I've completely messed up that differentiation, I should've got d = 6 or 0 and that would maximise the volume difference so no good.
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    If a man and a half can eat a cake and a half in a minute

    I'm not sure about complex solutions, but I just realised I factorised the quadratic wrong. I should have got a diameter of ~7.82 and a volume difference of ~43*pi.
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    If a man and a half can eat a cake and a half in a minute

    What about differentiating the expression for the volume difference to find the value of radius\diameter that minimises it? So I get for the volume difference V = 4/3*pi*(d/2)^3 - 6*(d^2-36)*pi/4 where d is the diameter of the sphere, which upon differentiating and setting to zero gives either...
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    How do you read the flirting traffic signals women send men?

    Thanks Lancelot I'll remember that next time :smile:
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    How do you read the flirting traffic signals women send men?

    I like to read them in braille, just feel the bumps. "Boom boom tish". As you can probably tell I'm single...
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    Difficult logic series. Please help!

    For the arrow one I would say D was the answer. Reason being that in each of the pictures the object that isn't the trapezoid has a 180 degree rotational symmetry through a horizontal axis that bisects the object (where that axis lays in the plane of the picture).
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    A topic for amusement Debunking Time Travel

    Time police. :wink:
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    Recreational Math

    Using your solution to the similar 12 coin problem as a template jvwert:
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    Lateral thinking puzzles.

    How about this: The loser of the first hand has to duel with the dealer, who is a crack shot from 23 yards and lousy from 24. The game is that the dealer "shuffles" the amount of yards equal to the amount of chips the loser has left, turns and fires, all while the loser counts his chips in a...
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    Cosmetic words to numbers

    Roman numerals? M+C = 1100 C+C+L = 250 L+I+I+C = 152 L+I+L = 101 L+I = 51
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    Board Game Sequence

    Yeah I think you're right. I was thinking that they might only be allowed to take once in each direction per turn.