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    Where Theories come from

    I think they can also be from logic. Some theories cant be correctly formed based off of observations. It is like before Gregor Mendel discovered genetics, people beleived inb spontaneous creation, where things like tadpoles were born from the water, bugs were born from the Earth, stuff like...
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    Is assassination better than terrorism?

    I think they are both really just political methods. Assassination is to take out someone running the government. Although it involves less death and it is more effective then terrorism, so I guess in that sense it is morally better, when it boils down to things, terrorism is just to sway the...
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    Why does one fear death?

    Well, because all organisms have a will to live, and not just people, I do not beleive that it is an emotional matter, or a matter of fear. It quite possibly be broken down to evolution. If an organism does not have the will to live, it will perish. If it perishes, then those that did not...
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    Why do some people die, while others dont?

    Well, although I am an athiest, I would have to say that this type of thing was covered in the book of Job in the Bible, yes? If there is a god, then you are probably needed to be subjected to trials and tribulations in life, as a test of your faith usually. If you are faithful, then you will...
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    Morality and Cheating in School

    I would say it is ok in high school, cause if you screw up there your life is pretty much ruined. But college is something you pay for. Therefore, because you pay for that, and is you fail you can just try again, cheating is unexcusable. But high school, it isnt about being honest, it is...
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    Let a thousand guilty men go to save 1 innocent person

    Murder perhaps, but this question didnt really specify murder, did it? I forget, I just thought it was just some serious crime. Since it was hypothetical, I didnt consider passion or not, but practically, I believe you are correct.
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    Science, another faith system ?

    lol, although I think you have a point, I can see loseyourname's concern. I had a forum (still do, but I have a serious lack of membership) and have of the members were idiots that called people dumb***es for disagreeing with them. Then when I talked to them about it, they were all like, "I...
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    Is it hypocritical?

    The difference their is killing innocent people vs killing people that want to kill other innocent people. Pro-life may be a little bit of a propagandous term, but that view was a little extremist. I think it is simply a matter of what Bort said. Society is full of hypocritical ideas and...
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    Ignorance IS bliss?

    I loved that book. I read it twice....>.< But at least I was able to understand it perfectly. But I disagree that this type of society is good. It creates a system that people have no choice or opinion. People lose their humanity. You may as well be a plant, and do the same thing day in...
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    Let a thousand guilty men go to save 1 innocent person

    And the government is their deterent. That is why I dont buy that it is proven that the government is not an effective deterant. The government makes the laws and the punishment, thus, the government stops people from stealing and such.
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    Why was eating pork taboo in many cultures?

    yes, I know. But pork was like the worst as I understood it. Plus, I would imagine there is a reason that people eat fish and red meat pretty darn close to raw, but not pork. I would say chicken, but perhaps in Moses's time, samonella wasnt a big concern. Plus, that is bacterial, not parasitic.
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    Let a thousand guilty men go to save 1 innocent person

    If it is just 1:1, then it would change the dynamics of it. That murderer may not neccessarily kill again. So most people would save the innocent man.
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    Let a thousand guilty men go to save 1 innocent person

    lol, well, no offense, but I dont buy that. Because everytime someone steals something, they plan it to where they dont get caught for a reason. It is because they fear being caught. I am not entirely sure, but I very well might take petty stuff from stores if I was hungry one day and I...
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    Why was eating pork taboo in many cultures?

    I think that it was a combination of various things. If they didnt cook it perfectly, pork is crawling with parasites raw, so it would cause alot of disease. Also, it poisoned the water, like what was said, and water was scarce. So the best the Jews could come up with is that it was a...
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    Let a thousand guilty men go to save 1 innocent person

    I would probably draw the line at two, depending on the criminals being released. If those criminals are murderers, then I will assume they will kill again, which is the main purpose of capital punishment, or giving then life in prison. So if the line is drawn at one, then that is too small...
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    Let a thousand guilty men go to save 1 innocent person

    Well, I wont be snide about this post. I understand it purpose perfectly well I think. Although it is kinda a gut wrentcher to send an innocent man to prison for under any circumstances, I thought about it, and those 1000 felons, a certian percentage would probably be murderers, yes? If they...
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    Why agriculture and animal husbandry?

    Well, first off, I loved that book, but since you covered it so perfectly, I dont know what I can say that hasnt already said in the process. I think everything in this thread can be answered perfectly by what is in that book.
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    Darwin or not?

    Yes, that is what I think as well. However, again, some people consider what is written in the Bible to be solid fact. I think that is rediculous, but they consider everything in biology textbooks to be 'theory'. So sometimes you can 'believe' in it, without it being a religion. Faith is...
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    Darwin or not?

    Well, I disagree there, because many athiests depend on the "faith" of evolutionism to be true. They review the facts and the evidence supporting Darwinism, and many think that has more going for it then Christianity. But some of those athiests may have left Christianity to become an...
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    Death Penalty

    Exactly, that is one reason I support the death penalty. If you are a pshyotic murderer that planned and successfully killed someone, then there is no reason to waste tax dollars on making sure you dont kill in-mates. I would rather my tax dollars go to my child's education rather then keeping...
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    Death Penalty

    And what do we do when this waste bin is full?!! Build more prisons with the money that the democrats seem to think that the republicains hide in a big vault and keep it form the American people.
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    The DNA of politics

    If that were true...wouldn't countries like Russia remain communist? Single events can completely sway the power of political parties. If it was genetic, political systems would be much more stable then they are. It wouldnt change as much, or as quickly. I think the idea for political...
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    Insomnia Cure

    When or if someone does find a cure for it, they will become incredible
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    Death Penalty

    Maybe I didnt explain that very well. People can get convicted by a jury's emotions as well. You dont have to have alot of evidence against someone, but if say the murder weapon is found in you home, and you have a motive, that would be a conviction. But maybe it was your spouse that killed...
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    Death Penalty

    I agree, it is simply another form of punishment. It is not revenge anymore then giving someone a fine or any type of legal retribution. People make mistakes, but there needs to be a punishment. People need to learn from there mistakes. There are also those that are opportunists that will...
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    Is socialism a system or a theory?

    That is exactly true, you are able to acquire more material possessions by getting an education and getting a high paying job. You pay for that education 10 times over with your taxes. It is the people living on welfare that takes and doesnt give MUCH back. You earned what you have, no one...
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    Death Penalty

    I support the death penalty, but there a some changes that I think need to be in order. First off, there needs to be an astronomical amount of evidence before someone can be sentanced the death penalty. It shouldnt just take a murder conviction, the courts need to be controlled on the level of...
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    What side in real-life do you think is going to win?

    Even rude and friendly, they have meanings that revolve around what the society they came from dictates. If one is a Muslim, and he or she kills a hundred innocent people in a suicide bombing, many would consider that evil, yet they believe they are doing the best thing they can do with their...
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    Do all the mentors 'own' this forum?

    This may seem a little dumb of a question, but do all the mentors 'own' this forum? If not, then who does?