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    Can someone explain a DC electromagnetic generator in lamen terms for me?

    I have been researching generators lately, whilst contemplating building my own wind powered generator. I think I understand the general layout: a central magnetic core that rotates with an outside ring of conductive coils spun in specific alternating turns with their own magnetic cores. If I am...
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    Where to buy pressure and temperature tank gauges?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew where I could buy tank gauges that read both the pressure and temperature inside the tank. They can be digital, in fact if it is cheap enough it would be preferred. Does anybody have any ideas? Northern Tool at least the one here didn't, Lowe's didn't...
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    Need precise and perfectly balanced balls fabricated, any ideas where?

    I am working on a hobby project. I need 2 perfectly spherical, perfectly balanced, pure metal (ie. pure titanium, aluminum, etc.) balls made, and then I need one (the larger one) to be precisely drilled through the center. It is essential that everything is done in an extremely accurate manner...