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    Heat conduction from an isotherm spherical cap

    On the surface of a semi-infinite solid, a point heat source releases a power ##q##; apart from this, the surface of the solid is adiabatic. The heat melts the solid so that a molten pool forms and grows. Let's hypothesize that the pool temperature is homogeneously equal to the melting...
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    I Approximation of a function with another function

    Hi, I am wondering if it is possible to demonstrate that: tends to in the limit of both x and y going to infinity. In this case, it is needed to introduce a measure of the error of the approximation, as the integral of the difference between the two functions? Can this be viewed as a norm...
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    Saturation magnetization of iron as a function of temperature

    Hi, I am looking for the temperature dependence of the saturation magnetization of Fe. Any help?
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    Cylindrical magnet

    Hi, I am looking for the formula of the magneti field along the axis of a axially magnetized cylindrical magnet. Unfortunately, there are quite different answers on Internet. Is the uploaded formula (where R is the magnet radius and L its length) correct?
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    Is the current density a vector?

    In Newtonian physics, is the current density, usually called j, a vector? Namely, is it a polar vector in the sense of a tensor of rank 1?