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    The Higgs Mass and the Many worlds interpretation

    I have a question about the Many worlds interpretation. Does the observed mass of the Higgs boson suggest that the many worlds interpretation is incorrect, as the mass falls smack in the middle of the predicted values of both supersymmetry and multiverse interpretations of the standard model of...
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    Android robotics, quantum physics lab

    some cool stuff happening here
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    Constant current

    I have a variable voltage constant current power supply 0-300v at 50mA. Is it possible and if so what would be the simplest way to have a parallel circuit with 0-300v 50mA on one side and 0-300v 50uA on the other? A simple resistor isn't going to work because the supply maintains 50mA. Any help...
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    The use of probability in QM

    I watched this video and the guy says that we don't know wether probability is a fundamental description of the particle or wether it is because of our lack of knowledge of the underlying system (ie as...