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  1. snowwhite

    Work problem -- Steam piston volume and work length

    Homework Statement Steam is raised as saturated steam at 6 bar (g) and supplied to the first ( high pressure ) piston. The steam then exhausts from piston 1 at 3 bar (g). The steam is thought to expand adiabatically in accordance with PV^( 135 .1)= Constant Given the initial volume is...
  2. snowwhite

    Thermo molar volume question

    Homework Statement Given T=572 ºF, pressure= 145 psi (g) using the steam tables and ideal gas law Molar Mass= 18 g/mol for water Find: Is the water vapour acting ideally? Homework Equations Ideal Gas Law: PV=nRT P is the pressure =145 psi (g) V is the molar volume n= mol R= Ideal gas constant...
  3. snowwhite

    Thermo question -- volumetric flows of dry steam and liquid water

    1. Homework Statement Given the rate of pipe= 100 kg/s The steam flow has quality x= 80% = 0.8, pressure= 90 atm Find the volumetric flows of dry steam and liquid water 2. Relevant equations...