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    Chemistry- two point Arrhenius Equation (miscalculation?)

    Chemistry- two point Arrhenius Equation (miscalculation??) Homework Statement At 25 degrees celsius, the first-order rate constant for a reaction is 2.0 x 10^3 s^-1. The activation energy is 15.0 kJ/mol. what is the value of the rate constant at 75 degrees celsius. T1= 298.15 K T2=...
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    Chemistry, colligative properties-freezing point

    Homework Statement A solution is made by dissolving 250.0 g of solid potassium chromate in 1.00 kg of water. What will be the freezing point of the new solution? molal freezing point-depression constant of water = 1.86 degrees Celsius/molality molality = mol/kg Relevant equations...
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    Chemistry, mL required to Concentration of HNO3

    Homework Statement How many mL of 50.0% by mass HNO3 solution, with a density of 2.00 g/mL is required to make a 500 mL of a 2.00 M HNO3? Homework Equations initial Molarity X initial Volume = final Molarity X final Volume The Attempt at a Solution (50 g HNO3)(1 mL/2.00 g)(0.001 L/1 mL)...
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    Chemistry Chemistry-Physical Changes and Intermolecular Forces

    Hi everyone. I have recently just started studying chemistry for my Junior year in High School. So you could say that I am a newbie at this. :smile: I have small knowledge on the relationship between Intermolecular Forces and Physical changes. (Example: Boiling Point.) So if the IMF of a...