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    Does this make sense? A binomial distribution with a twist.

    I'm working on a project studying sea ice in the Arctic ocean. A brief overview of the essentials: The ice pack over the Arctic begins shrinking every summer beginning around June 1st, and begins to recover around Sep 15th. I'm interested in the movement of the ice edge as the pack shrinks...
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    Basic question about entanglement

    I'm only just beginning to really learn about entanglement, and I just have some questions about what entanglement actually means. Let's say we have one electron and put it in a magnet field. We find out what it's spin was along one axis based on whether a photon is emitted. But now we know...
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    Red shifting light

    Hello all, I'm trying to figure out how light from different galaxies gets red shifted. I wonder if I could get some quick answers to a few example situations so I can get a better intuitive understanding of how light moves through space. Q1. Say two people are moving apart at constant...
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    Red Shifts and the expanding universe

    I have a question about the light observed from galaxies that are moving away from us due to the expansion of the universe. I understand that we can tell they are moving away because the light from these galaxies is red shifted. I was wondering how this red shift is generated, exactly. Is the...
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    Expansion of the Universe

    I was wondering how much we know these days about how the universe is expanding. Has space actually been stretching since the big bang? Or is new space being created somewhere? Or maybe the matter and energy of the universe is just expanding into space that already exists... Or is the matter and...