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    Hydraulic oil motor

    Hi all :) Which oil hydraulic motor type is most efficient to use for a reverse operation? which means, instead of turning the motor to create oil pressure, you will actually use oil pressure to turn the motor. I am looking for a motor for an application producing variable pressure from...
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    The Big Air Piston

    Thank you guys all for your help and sorry I could not get a reply to you sooner :) back to our subject: Lets turn this into a more predictable scenario and say that this piston has a long shaft attached to it measuring 1sqf and it is pushing upwards. The push force is 10000lb. based...
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    The Big Air Piston

    Hi all I have a question which came up in one of our physics class and thought you can help out :) It is not homework! The objective is to calculate the volume and pressure of the air coming out of the following experiment: Imagine a huge piston and cylinder. The surface of the piston...