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    Measuring Current Noise Density

    I have a power source that is supposed to be low noise, and i want to verify that the data the company sent me is indeed accurate. In order to do this, i want to reproduce their graph showing current noise density (nA/root(Hz)) on the Y axis, and Hz on the X axis. I am an undergraduate physics...
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    Complex integral over a circle

    1. let C be the circle |z| = 2 traveled once in the positive sense. Computer the following integrals... a.∫c zez/(2z-3) dz Homework Equations I am confused as to a step in my solution, but i believe a relevant equation is if i am integrating over a circle and the function is analytic...
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    Normalizing a wave function.

    Homework Statement Okay, so i have a wave function from a particle in an infinite square well that has an initiate wave function with an even mixture of the first two stationary states. ψ(x,0) = A[ψ1(x) + ψ2(x)] a. Normalize ψ(x,0) b Find ψ(x,t) and |ψ(x,t)|2 (use Euler's formula...
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    Finding acceleration with only height and time.

    So people have been arguing about a video games new hero, saying the gravity with which corpses fly off at is too low, and it looks like "moon physics". One guy went so far as to solve for acceleration for the bodies in the video. " At 11:06 you...
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    Interpreting results of a polynomial fit

    I am currently working on a gamma ray spectroscopy lab in which i have just fit a polynomial to my calibration points. The calibration points are in a relatively straight line, from x=40 to x=450, and y=34 to y=1300 for the first and last end points respectively. Where X is channel number, and Y...