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    IHC detection of proteins in mitochondrial matrix

    I'm specifically wondering: Can proteins in the mitochondrial matrix be detected by immunohistochemistry? I am familiar with the general techniques required for IHC, and I believe the procedures vary depending on what you're looking for. I do think that IHC can stain within the mito-matrix...
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    Manganese toxicity

    I've done a bit of reading about manganese toxicity recently, and I was just wondering if anyone had anything to contribute about this topic. It seems evident from the research I've read that excess manganese (ingested or inhaled) is linked to problems in the nervous system similar to...
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    Claim for inflation

    claim: the red light observed from distant galaxies proves they are moving away. (doppler effect right?) null: because light becomes red diffracting through a medium like space dust or even by gravitation. sorry if I'm off base or 50years behind, just a general "yes/no" or "get out of my forum...
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    ATP Isolation, Injection, Issues.

    Bear with me if you notice any botched ideas in my writing, I'm working on it. Initially I was wondering about direct injection of ATP. But I ran into a roadblock... First - Is it possible to isolate ATP from a source and make a high concentration ATP solution or even pure ATP? (extraction...
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    Why amino acid stereochemistry always L-configuration

    Any known reasons, research, or theories about why earthly amino-acids exist in the L-configuration and have not been found in D-configuration naturally??
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    Role of salts in extraction

    Homework Statement In O-Chem lab, after the reaction is complete, NaHC03 and NaCl solutions are added. Then BME is added and aqueous layer removed. Why do you extract the mixture with salts, and what role does each one play? Homework Equations Ester synthesis trans cinnamic acid + methanol...
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    Electric potential between hands

    When I hold voltmeter contacts in my hands, (one in each) the meter reads about .2V I know it isn't that significant, but what could be the explanation for this? Are we charged? Why would there be potential between my left and right hand? Or is it just a fluke from rubbing my socks on the...