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    Physics Experienced Medical Physicists looking for employment in Dubai

    Hi, My partner and I are both UK state registered medical physicists in radiotherapy. We are currently looking to relocate to Dubai but I'm having difficulty finding any jobs online. I can find plenty for other Emirates but we are specifically looking for Dubai. I know if a physicist was...
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    Medical dosimetrist

    Thanks very much for that information ThinkToday. I was unaware an institution would sponsor somebody for a graduate degree. My goal is to get a PhD in medical physics at the end of all this so that is definitely worth looking into. Thank you :)
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    Medical dosimetrist

    Thanks for your reply Choppy. So I guess dosimetry isn't an option in the US then for me. My grades are good for getting into a training position I'm not looking to compensate for that. As I'm sure you know most people have a PhD going for these programs so that's probably my best option from...
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    Medical dosimetrist

    Hi everyone, as per the forum section I'm looking for some career advice. In 6 weeks time I will be finishing a degree in physics with medical physics and bioengineering. I have applied to the trainee medical physics program with the NHS and am on the reserve interview list. Because of the high...
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    MATLAB Matlab matrix bar graph with errors

    As in the title I have a matlab graph. Its a bar chart with two sets of data done in matrix form. When I try and put in error bars the way I'm used to they both go on but in the middle of the two sets of data. Any way I can make them appear over the actual bars? Any help greatly appreciated...
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    Three Dimensional Infinite-Potential Well Energies

    I know this is a really old post but I had the exact same problem and just wanted to say thanks for the help!
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    Medical physics DAP guidelines

    Its not exactly a homework question I have but was unsure where to post this. I'm having trouble finding some guidelines and wondering if someone can help me? I'm looking for the guidelines regarding Dose area product (DAP). I have results from a DAP meter on a fluoroscope machine and what an...
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    Training in medical physics.

    Thanks Choppy. I'm starting to get more of an idea about the American system with some research. It doesn't help that google knows I'm in Ireland and puts all the Irish results first even in :) I hadn't considered Canada even though I spent a summer there and heard a lot about medical...
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    Training in medical physics.

    Hi, I'm currently doing an honours degree in Physics with Medical Physics and Bioengineering in Ireland. And generally here after the degree if you wanted to continue into a medical physics career you would do a masters then apply for a kind of 'training program' (or junior physicist...
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    Fermi level and Fermi wavevector

    Great thanks very much Kloptok! For some reason I thought I should be getting a very small number but I see with the equation now its actually the opposite.
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    Fermi level and Fermi wavevector

    Note: I already asked this question ion the introductory physics forums but have had no replies. The question I'm being asked is: If the Fermi level of copper is 7eV calculate the magnitude of the Fermi wavevector? The formula I'm pretty sure it goes with is Kf=(3pi^2ne)^2/3 The reason I'm...