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    Why is Ozone so high in the atmosphere?

    Ozone (O3) has a higher molecular weight than regular O2 gas. According to Gay-Lussacs law, O2[SUB]and O3 should occupy the same volume, and therefore O[SUB]3 will have a higher density. Higher densities sink, so why does ozone stay so high in the atmosphere?
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    Conservation of momentum in an inelastic collision

    yep makes sense thanks mate
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    Conservation of momentum in an inelastic collision

    The law of conservation of momentum states that all momentum is conserved in a collision. Momentum is defined as p = mv. When a collision occurs, most of the time a lot of velocity is lost and most of the mass remains. For example, a fast moving trolley runs into a brick wall, after hitting the...
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    Would you run faster in lower air pressure?

    i was just thinking recently and thought that since drag is caused by a body colliding with air particles. It would be logical to think that when there is relatively lower air pressure, there would be less particles to run into, therefore less drag, and therefore you would run faster.
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    Conservation of kinetic energy and momentum in a collision

    A white billiard ball collides with a stationary red billiard ball of equal mass. The white ball stops and the red ball moves off with the same initial velocity as the white ball. Which of the following statements about a collision between two billiard balls is correct? a) As both momentum and...
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    Acceleration in one dimension

    The velocity or starting positions could be initially different