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  1. FlexGunship

    Senior Controls Engineer Interview Questions -- Suggestions Please

    I'm interviewing someone for a senior controls engineer position (this is the same position I hold now). I'm having a hard time coming up with technical questions that would separate him from a less experienced guy but can still be answered within the span of a short interview. I have all of...
  2. FlexGunship

    Can dark matter skew Earth-based gravitational measurements?

    I'll be cautious in asking my my question because I'm out of familiar territory. But... Given the following: that dark matter interacts with baryonic matter (exclusively?) via gravity, that evidence for dark matter shows that it exists largely near baryonic matter, and we are (almost?)...
  3. FlexGunship

    Astounding: 1+2+3+4+5+ = [not infinity]

    \displaystyle\sum_{n=1}^{\infty}{n} = {-}\dfrac{1}{12} It seems that, regardless of intelligence, this proof (or sum, or proof of sum, or demonstration of sum) rattles some more than others. It is so astoundingly counter-intuitive that embracing it means really leaving your mathematical...
  4. FlexGunship

    Halloween Costume Help - Three Questions

    Hey all, I'm putting together my costume for the year. My friends and I always have a huge costume party and this year features the sequel to last year's Slenderman scavenger hunt in which Slenderman chases party-goers through the night as they hunt for the "Eight Pages". My friend, Phil, wears...
  5. FlexGunship

    It Works - Greens

    Did a quick search and didn't see this one. A friend recommended this product to me because she was concerned that I wasn't getting enough fruits and vegetables. When I asked a few questions (how it worked, what the ingredients were, etc.) she became defensive and basically said I was being a...
  6. FlexGunship

    Special Request: Deadline 2PM EST 9/25/2013

    I've been selected for my company's leadership program. I have a one-on-one coaching session today. I think I've gotten the first time slot out of the 25 people in the program (world wide). We're encouraged to talk about our goals and our recent "round 2" in-depth MBTI results. What are some...
  7. FlexGunship

    I'm bad at listening to girls vent

    I almost put this in relationships, but I don't think it's appropriate; this is a general problem that need not be linked to romanticism. Okay, I've learned the whole "girls don't need you to solve their problems, they just want to vent/be empowered" thing. But the problem I have is that I...
  8. FlexGunship

    Look at Pixel! (image heavy)

    Pixel is my cat. She'll be two this summer. She was part of a litter found without a mother. A few of her siblings had already died when they were found. She was the only female in the group and played mother for her brothers. They were all sick when they were found, and she was the last to be...
  9. FlexGunship

    Safety PLC Review Company Needed

    My company is looking to have our safety PLC code reviewed by an independent third party. The machine is a ~$1million piece of capital equipment, my company is based in New Hampshire, and we're using B&R. Can anyone point me to an independent reviewer?
  10. FlexGunship

    The RAPAQ Syndrome

    I've been on this forum sporadically for a couple of years and I've noticed one significant constant: the RAPAQ syndrome. RAPAQ stands for: Register And Post Asinine Question. It's probably the most constant feature of this forum and no other forum has this syndrome quite as badly. The...
  11. FlexGunship

    Kerbal Space Program game

    Hey all, I just searched the forum for discussions about this game but, apart from one of the developers asking a question about astrophysics, I found nothing. In case folks don't know... there exists a wonderful game/simulator called "Kerbal Space Program" developed by a group called "Squad."...
  12. FlexGunship

    Where did my S&D forum go?

    I left for, like, a few months... I come back... and my Skepticism and Debunking forum has gone missing! Well...?
  13. FlexGunship

    Zombie Apocolypse

    So, I was Stumbling (the proper verb) and came across a humor site that tore a few holes in the "Zombie Apocalypse" idea. The page was on but I'm unable to find it with a simple Google query here at work. Please understand that I am crediting, my wording and summary is...
  14. FlexGunship

    Why do people complain about sound on LCD TVs?

    I'm looking for a 42" - 46" LED HDTV lately, and I keep looking at these TVs on sale that have incredibly low reviews and skipping over them. However, upon reading the "bad reviews" it seems everyone is saying "TV is fantastic, but the sound is bad." Here's just one TV for example...
  15. FlexGunship

    The Hubble/Lemaitre's Controversy is Over

    Source: [Broken] For anyone who was following this "controversy," is has been settled. I was torn over this issue, Hubble was brilliant and had never shown a shred of...
  16. FlexGunship

    Are men with cats odd?

    So... here's the deal. I live alone and I'd love to have some company. Girls make the best pets (oh, god, don't flame me... just let me have my joke), but I'm looking for something less likely to judge me for where I leave my dirty socks. I live in a small condo and I often travel for a few...
  17. FlexGunship

    NPR -getting harder to listen to opinion shows

    Oh my science... I literally can't turn NPR on anymore during lunch. The opinion shows have turned to pure garage. Usually the Diane Rehm Show is on when I go to lunch, and it's never her guests that are the problem, it's her and the absurd callers. Worse still, the guest on the show almost...
  18. FlexGunship

    Computer Speaker Building

    Hey folks, I fancy myself as a bit of an audiophile. I love listening. I have a high-end audio interface on my computer with one set of outputs going to a pair of KRK studio monitors and a studio sub, and the other set of outputs going to some Klipsch Promedia general listening speakers...
  19. FlexGunship

    Any other Scotch drinkers here?

    There are beer threads, and even tequila threads, so I thought I'd start one involving my favorite liquor of choice: Scotch! Any other Scotch drinkers here? I have a few favorites, a few standbys, and plenty of enjoyable one-timers. I always keep a bottle of Glenlivet 12yr or Dewar's 12yr...
  20. FlexGunship

    Suggestion Crackpot Forum

    I know PF doesn't condone crackpottery (or, as near as I can tell, any pottery at all), but instead of locking threads instantly, maybe they could be moved to a crackpot forum. It's just that... I don't know... sometimes I want to see where they go; see what happens to them! Sometimes I have...
  21. FlexGunship

    Waiting for a Job Offer - Should I Accept Less Due to Age?

    So, here's the back story: I got a call from a recruiter trying to fill a position. Long story short, I nailed the interview and they called me back today saying: "we were so impressed that we'd really like to redefine the position we're offering you." It's a small company, and I was...
  22. FlexGunship

    Real-life Superhero Escapes Prosecution!

    (Source: Apparently this guy dresses up, and true to the stereotype, fights crime! Hmm, obviously I need to see the video (can't watch it at work), but I can't imagine he just assaulted a group of people...
  23. FlexGunship

    Posting Links

    So, the other day I got an infraction for posting the first few results of a Google image search (SafeSearch turned ON) because one of the images contained the "F-word." It was in the P and WA forum, and they were images of the signs the protesters were holding. I did it to show the various...
  24. FlexGunship

    News Is New Hampshire the first Libertarian State?

    Is New Hampshire the first Libertarian State? And if it is (or isn't), what role do government policies play in it's success as a state? Well, this is an off-shoot of a discussion in a different forum. I chose to repost it here because there was a lot of good discussion about it but it exceeded...
  25. FlexGunship

    Homeopathic Dog Pain Medicine

    (Source: I saw this on TV a few years ago (back when I had cable). It's a homeopathic dog pain spray. Yes, that's right. It's a homeopathic spray for your dog. That means, that AT BEST, it provides comfort to the dog's owner by allowing...
  26. FlexGunship

    Can you help Flex make phone calls? < >

    Can you help Flex make phone calls?! <urgent> Hey all, I'm travelling to Canada (suddenly) tomorrow morning! I'll be gone for a week. I'm from the U.S. and my cell phone has no Canadian plan (Verizon has loopholes for changing you $TEXAS for anything and everything). I used to have Sprint, and...
  27. FlexGunship

    The truth about password strength

    Moderator's note: A reminder to all to use common sense when duplicating others' intellectual property. XKCD, for example, requires some sort of attribution attached to postings of its comics; e.g. a link to the comic. (And, thankfully, XKCD does permit its images to be hotlinked)
  28. FlexGunship

    I literally have NO self-image

    I realized, recently, that I've been making fitness decisions almost exclusively based on numbers and statistics. I think it's because I actually, literally, cannot tell how I look when I see myself in the mirror. I pride myself in my rationalism, but I'm beginning to think I'm experiencing a...
  29. FlexGunship

    Steorn Orbo - Still going?

    Okay, I already know this is an ultra-touchy subject since the object in question (Orbo) was claimed to be a perpetual motion machine at one time. I also understand that the only public demonstration was a complete flop (as would be expected with non-science). However, the company (Steorn) is...
  30. FlexGunship

    Share a cute story!

    I have a story about something I did for one of my ex-girlfriends. She was raised without getting any real material possessions (for lots of reasons). But she loved to fantasize about getting nice things; she would try on shoes she couldn't afford, look at coats she would never own, pick out...