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    Infinite geometric series problem

    thank you so much for that hint it really cleared everything! the web pages kept talking aobut limitations...i remebered now! thanks
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    Infinite geometric series problem

    Homework Statement Consider the following infinite geometric series: 1 + (2x/3) + (2x/3)^2 + (2x/3)^3 + .... for what values of x does the series converge? Homework Equations i don't know what converge means, i guessed it was for what vlaues does the geometric series is infinite but...
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    Permutation or combination

    Homework Statement in how many different ways can 7 different books be arranged in a row if a. 3 specified books must be together, b. two specified boks mus occupy both ends Homework Equations i dont udnerstand wether it is a permutation or a combination. The Attempt at a...