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    Increase in Wavelength of an LED Immersed in Liquid Nitrogen

    Hi, I've been working on an experiment where I dip LEDs into liquid nitrogen and note the color change. All online sources I've seen predict that the wavelength of the light emitted by the LED will decrease upon immersion. What I've been observing, however, is a sudden decrease in...
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    Does anyone else feel like it's all been studied already?

    Hello all, I'm currently an undergrad student studying math and physics. It's my hope one day to go to grad school and pursue some sort of research within physics. Recently, though, I've been having a sort of crisis (haha): Evidently I'm completely void of novel research ideas. Every...
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    Difficult Improper Integral Involving Arctan(x)

    So recently I've been working through some challenge problems from my old calculus textbook for fun. I'm stuck on one of the integrals, though, and can't find any solutions online. This isn't for's for my interest and hopefully the interest of others. Here it is (sorry about the...
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    Partial integration of the function f = 1

    Given a function z(x,y), is the following expression valid: ∫(1)∂z = z Does this even make sense? I came up with this in my differential equations class, but I'm not sure if it actually means anything.