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  1. Archie Medes

    Analog zero-point synced AC PWM: is there a better way?

    Hi, Thinking of a circuit to control the AC power to a heating element. I wanted something fairly linear, and analog. I don't have anything against using a programmable controller, I just wanted to think of an analogue solution, seeing as I don't need to learn how to write a program. The...
  2. Archie Medes

    Transform difference equation into continuous function?

    Homework Statement My question: Can I turn this difference equation for R below, into a continuous function R(t)? I have no idea if, or how, I can. And I'd like to. Equation derived from the following manufacturer statement on the thermal response of a thermistor to a fixed temperature: The...
  3. Archie Medes

    Metallurgical questions about alloying of Sn with Cu/Ag/Au

    Hi My question relates to electronics soldering, where the main metal in the solder is Sn, with small amounts of Ag and/or Cu If a rod of Cu, Ag, or Au is placed in molten Sn, which of the rods would melt away fastest? Is there a threshold temperature up to which the solid metals won't...
  4. Archie Medes

    I What methods other than Taylor Series to solve this eq?

    Hi If I have a problem of the form: A1ek1t + A2ek2t = C where A1,A2,k1,k2,C are real and known Or simplified: ex + AeBx = C I can turn it into an nth degree polynomial by Taylor Series expansion, but I'd like to know what other methods I can study Thanks, Archie