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    Resultant force on a car

    [SOLVED] Resultant force on a car Homework Statement A 1070 kg car is pulling a 320 kg trailer. Together the car and trailer move forward with an acceleration of 2.01 m/s2. Ignore any frictional force of air drag on the car and all frictional forces on the trailer. Determine the following. (a)...
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    Time and velocity

    Homework Statement A person who can swim at 2.0 mi/hr is swimming perpendicularly to the bank of a river (directly across the direction of river flow) which is flowing at 2.0 mi/hr. If the river is 1.0 mi wide, how long does it take to reach the other side? Homework Equations t=x/v...
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    Acceleration and velocity

    [SOLVED] acceleration and velocity 1. Homework Statement EXACT PROBLEM: A car accelerates from rest W at 5.0m/s2 for 10.0s, then continues this acceleration NE for another 10.0s. What is the average velocity of the car for its journey to its position after 20.0s? 2. Homework Equations...