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    A stubborn integral

    Homework Statement I have to integrate [Broken] The Attempt at a Solution This is how I did it [PLAIN] [Broken] wolfram says it is supposed to turnout like this...
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    Help with algebra Invertible matrixes

    hi Homework Statement I have to prove or disprove the following statements: 1. Let B be a square matrix nxn. Then there must be an Invertible A such that AB is an upper triangular matrix. 2. Let A be a square Invertible matrix nxn such that the sum of all the entries in each row is...
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    Rotational motion problem from hell

    Hi, all Homework Statement A plain is flying at a constant velocity v=3 km/s at a constant height above the surface of the Earth, from point A on a Latitude which forms an angle of 20 degrees with the North Pole, to point B which is 5 km north to A. Assuming that B is very close...
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    Coriolis Effect

    Hi, everyone We were told in class that the Coriolis Effect is due to the change in the radius in circular motion. But an objtct moving with constant velocity on the edje of the circular system, like on the equator still experiencing Coriolis force, because the cross product 2wXv is not...
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    Strange matrix problem

    Hi, Homework Statement I was given a linear equation system of the form Ax=b where x=(x, y, z, w), I reduced (A|b) to its canonical form which is this: Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution At first I thought that this means that there is an infinite number of...