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    Gauss's Law - deducing lamda

    Yes :) I cannot see why you doubt it. E = (1 / 2 π ε0) (λ / r) Rewrite by multiplying the two fractions: E = (1 λ) / (2 π ε0 r) Multiply with the denominator on both sides: 2 π ε0 r E = λ Rearrange: 2π r ε0 E = λ Compare to the other formula: q = 2π r L ε0 E In this, divide by L on...
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    Egg catcher experiment

    If it was me I would probably weigh an egg, and figure how fast it is going after falling 7 meters. It should offer some clues as to the momentum the device is required to absorb. Ignoring air resistance will give a higher estimate, if that proves unrealistic you can probably get pretty close by...
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    Direction of Force of gravity on two people, concept?

    Your first question seems to have gone unanswered. Yes gravity is an inherent feature of matter. Anything with a mass will have a gravitational influence. Before Newton, gravity as a concept was not very well understood, it was not clear that astronomical objects moved the way they do due to...