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    Non singular black hole solutions

    Has anyone read this paper? If so, what is the interior solution it describes? A non singular solution for spherical configuration with infinite central density Fuloria, Pratibha; Durgapal, M. C. Astrophysics and Space Science, Volume 314, Issue 4, pp.249-250 Abstract: A non-singular exact...
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    The Schwarzschild (Exterior) Solution

    This might be a silly question to people who are have more practice in this subject, but how does the Schwarzschild Solution/metric have a singularity at r=0 if it is only valid outside the gravitational mass (black hole)? wouldn't that be in the interior solution, describing the inside of a...
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    Quantum Physics United with non quantum Physics

    Could it be that there is no way to unite quantum physics and (non quantum) physics, could that be why there has been so many problems and controversy over string theory? This would just help me understand string theory more and possibly help out my "pet theory" _ev
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    The velocity of electrons (question)

    The velocity of electrons!! (question) Can someone tell me if I'm right? I used this walkthrough I found to get my answer but I used a different wavelength for my experiment. Here's the link: I did the same thing except I used a...