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    Cicular Orbit Question

    This is a simple question. How long did you try to do it? Use mv^2/(R+h) =GMm/(R+h)^2
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    Potentiometer question

    What is meant by E?
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    Infinity / 0

    Someone who has newly learnt division and multiplication is making fun.
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    Motion in 2D ball throw

    max height H= (u sin theta)^2 /2g
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    Surface charge

    Is the solution 2 ln[4+(2)^1/2]* (KP2a)^2 ?
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    Surface charge

    Find the potential at the point due to a small rod of length 2a and then integrate from a to a+2a
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    Can someone help me please? This is

    1) First make three groups of nine coins. balace two of them. 2) Again make three groups of three.Balance two of them. 3) Now there only three coins left to check out and that's easy. :biggrin:
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    Find the time required to to cover the length of the tunnel.

    A tunnel is dug through the centre of the earth.A particle is projected into it with a velocity =(gR)^1/2.Find the time required to to cover the length of the tunnel. The force of attraction is F=GMmx/R^3 where x=distance from centre Then the time period is...
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    Science fair project ideas

    In the experiment to determine % of oxygen in air use 2 or more candles instead of of 1 and see the effect