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    Simple derivative problem

    Here is the equation and my attempt on a dry-erase board: My steps are similar to the textbook's up until I hit that 3x^1/2. Why is it disappearing with their method? It's late at night and my brain is fried; I have a feeling this will be painfully obvious to me in the morning, but in case it...
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    Problem involving Power-Reducing Formula

    Homework Statement Homework Equations How in the world did they get their solution? Where did 27/8 come from? The Attempt at a Solution I did the arithmetic with the fractions inside before distributing the 9, and ended up getting something like -9/4 cos2x + 9/4 cos4x. Completely...
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    Trig: Writing the equation for vertical asymptote of a secant function?

    Homework Statement Homework Equations How did they come up with \frac{1}{2}+k for the equation of the vertical asymptote? I understand everything else except this. The Attempt at a Solution On this particular exercise, I graphed it and saw that each of my vertical dashed lines were all one...