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    Good book for studying rankine cycle

    so what book is the best when dealing with rankine cycle? i hope it has tons of problems with solution manual (for self-study purposes) pls. thanks
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    Courses Short course(s) that is/are worthy to learn for a mechanical engineering student?

    is learning C++ worth it to be studied? electronics?(i took this last semester but i think the hands-on part are not enough). how about pneumatic industrial controls? ...or can you suggest any other short courses? pls give me some good advice. pls pls pls. thanks in advance :D note: when...
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    Drag force (external forced convection)

    Homework Statement Air at 20kPa and 20°C flows across 5cm diameter cylinder at velocity of 20m/s. Compute the drag force exerted on the cylinder Homework Equations the formula should be use is this, FD = CD*A*den*V^2 / 2 where FD & CD is the drag force and drag coefficient, respectively...
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    Mixture of ideal gas (a tricky one?)

    Homework Statement ethylene is stored in 5.6 liter spherical vessel at 260degC and 2750 kPa. To protect against explosion the vessel is enclosed in another spherical vessel with volume of 56L and filled with nitrogen at 260degC and 10.1Mpa. The entire assembly is maintained at 260degC in a...
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    Ice mixed with water. help pls.

    Homework Statement a 2kg of ice at -2 deg celsius is mixed with 1.7kg of water at 27 deg celsius Homework Equations 1. will all the ice melt in water? 2. if all the ice melted in water determine the resulting temperature of the mixture, if not determine the amount of ice that does...