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    Helium atomic stucture

    Would helium take less time to ionize than air, because it expand faster when heated up?
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    Helium vs Air Plasma

    After a science fair experiment we have measured the similarities and differences of plasma created by air and helium. Our methodology is as follows. Methodology A(air): 1. Light a match and place it on a small raised surface inside a microwave 2. Cover the match with a glass bowl/beaker...
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    Helium microwave experiment

    Yes we have done the experiment with air, and it worked brilliantly just as we had expected
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    Helium microwave experiment

    For a science fair experiment me and my partner are working on creating plasma in a microwave.Our hypothesis is that if the manipulability of plasma is affected by the type of gas used, then plasma will react to magnetic fields differently depending on the gas that has been ionised. Because...
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    Plasma and magnetic fields

    For a science fair experiment me and my partner created plasma using a microwave. We used two different methods which both had different results. For the first one we simply put a match on a raised surface and put a beaker over the top using small pieces of cork to elevate the blacker so that...
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    States of matter help?

    For school my teacher told me there were 3 states of matter but the internet told me there were 5. Help???