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    How do I convert gph to psi?

    How do I convert gph to psi?.... Here is the deal, we are testing a 24" pipe for leaks doing a pressure test. the pressure at the pipe in question is 185 psi, and it lost 4 psi. I have a chart showing the allowable loss in GPH, but I dont know how to convert to PSI. Since this was a test...
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    Engineering Civil Engineering and Green Energy?

    Does anyone know what sorts of opportunities are out there for CE's in Green Energy (such as solar and wind)?
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    How do I put a Zenith Angle in my calculator?

    1.I am given a zenith angle of 73 (degrees) 17'30" 2. How do I compute (2360/5280)times cos(73 degrees, 17'30") with a ti 89 and a regular scientific calculator? 3. The solution is .446 degrees Thank you sooo very much.
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    Dynamics Problem, Relative velocity of rigid body in planar motion That is the image of the problem, which includes a solution. PROBLEM- Besides being really confused on their work, the solution they give and the solution in the back of my book are both...
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    Dynamics Question, Planar rigid body/ Relative velocities That is the image of the problem, which includes a solution. PROBLEM- Besides being really confused on their work, the solution they give and the solution in the back of my book are both...
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    Inclined plane projectile problem from dynamics course

    Homework Statement the 2 kg ball is fired from point a with an Vo of 10 m/s up the smooth inclined plane. The angle is 37 degrees, it gives me the planes dimentions the ball rolls on, it is 1.5 m high and 2 m wide. It asks the distance in the x it lands. Also the velocity with which it...
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    MAX POWER question from Dynamics

    Homework Statement A loaded truck weighs 16*10^3 lb and accelerates uniformly on a level road from 15ft/s to 30 ft/s during 4 s. If the frictional resistance is 325 lb determine the max power delivered to the wheels. Homework Equations I already know the answer, its 119 HP but I dont...
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    Help with simple integration problem

    Solve y'= Ln(12x) Homework Equations Integral of ln(x)= xlnx-x dx The Attempt at a Solution 12x*ln(12x)-12x dx or even xlnx-x*1/12 But Im pretty sure these are wrong. My calculator gives me xlnx+(ln(12)-1)x wth? Help!
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    Help with integration

    Homework Statement Evaluate the integral 4cos(x^2)/ (2((z)^(1/2))) dxdydz, limits for x 2y to 2, for y, 0 to 1 and for z 01, by changing the order of integration. Homework Equations Would I need to change the limits in order to accurately change the order of the integration? Im...
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    Describing global minimum

    Does this Fxy have a global Min? Heres the question: Consider the function fxy= x+y+9/x+1/y. Determine all the local max min and saddle points. DOes f have any global maximum points in the region R where x,y>0 Explain algebraically. So I found only one critical point, 3,1 and found it...
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    Finding Volume between Two planes Help

    Finding Volume between Two planes "Help" Ok heres the question Find the volume of the region between places x+y+2z=2 and 2x+2y+z=4 in THE FIRST QUADRANT, using rectangular coordinates. What I have done: Graphed the planes. Created x=o y=o and z=o planes to remain in first quadrant for...
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    Re-Post of a Bouyancy Problem

    Previous Thread Problem, again.. The bottom of a steel "boat" is a 7.00 m\times 9.00 m\times 5.00 cm piece of steel (Psteel=7900). The sides are made of 0.540 cm-thick steel. What minimum height must the sides have for this boat to...
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    Triple Scalar Product

    Homework Statement What is the value of a(dot)(a(cross)b) ? Why? I am supposed to find an actual value. Sorry I dont know code, these variables are all vectors. A is dotted with vectors a and b which are cross product. Homework Equations I know this can be written as a determinate of...
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    Normal Force in Water and Finding Density

    Hello, Im having trouble with this chapter, So thanks for your patience. Heres how the first question is stated: 1) A 30.0 kg irregularly shaped rock with a density of 4600 kg/m^3 rests on the bottom of a swimming pool. What is the normal force of the pool bottom on the rock? What...
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    Linear Algebra Question

    I have three systems of equations: x+y+2z=a , x+z= b and 2x+y+3z=c Show that in order for this system to have at least one solution, a,b,c must satisfy c=a+b. Obviously I can add the equations a and b and get c. But I dont know how else to approach showing this. I think the points of...