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    Does Chaos really exist ?

    Do you mean something like "chaos theory" or entropy?
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    Favorite physics videos on internet

    Feynman's videos are a great source of inspiration for pursuing physics. MIT OCW is also helpful for learning particular subject matters.
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    Allergic to technology?

    There might be some evidence for it, but nothing significant.
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    Cell theory

    Well, keep in mind there are many different types of cells. There are prokaryotes and eukaryotes and so on.
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    Effect of catalyst

    I think all a catalyst does is create a new pathway with lower activation energy. I don't believe it affects any constants.
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    Catalyst effect on equilibria

    Only temperature affects equilibrium I think...
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    Stupid Question about Genes

    That's incorrect. We don't share the same DNA as other species.
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    How much energy consume to destroy?

    I guess it also depends partly on the cylinder.
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    How electric motors consume energy?

    1) heat produced by current flowing through the resistance of the armature 2) eddy current in the iron core 3) hysteris losses in the iron 4) resistance at the commutator contacts 5) windage and bearing friction.....larger motors have a cooling fan 6) distortion of the applied magnetic...
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    Force And Acceleration

    Because of inertia.