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    Parallel or Series?

    Homework Statement I'm just a bit confused about identifying the capacitors in this circuit as connected in parallel or series. The Attempt at a Solution The solution is parallel, though I am unsure why.
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    Partial Pressure of Air

    Homework Statement A cylinder contains 1 L of air at 10 atm and 298 K. Knowing that air is composed of 79% N2 and 21% O2 by VOLUME, calculate the initial partial pressure for both. Homework Equations Ideal Gas Law: PV = nRT Mole Fraction: yi = moles of i / total moles Partial Pressure: Pi...
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    Momentum Problem (is it possible to solve)

    Homework Statement We collected the following data from a virtual lab with two pucks having an elastic collision. m1 = 1 kg m2 = 2 kg v1 = 0 v2 = .2 m/s [318 degrees] we have to find the final velocities for the pucks... I was trying this out but it seems that there are too many...
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    Law of conservation of momentum problem

    Homework Statement A falling rock gains momentum as its speed increases. Does this observation contradict the law of conservation of momentum. Explain. Answer in the textbook: This observation does not contradict the law of conservation of momentum. The momentum of the earth increases...
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    Normal Force Work Problem

    Homework Statement Can the normal force on an object ever do work on the object? Explain your answer. The answer in the textbook is: The normal force can do work on an object. For example, when you jump, you push down on the ground and the normal force pushes up on you and...