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    Can Transmission line be dangerous during rain ?

    Is this possible? I would think that at that voltage, it's not possible to get even near the line because of the electric field.
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    Electrical Power

    Just to throw my two cents here; Technically P = V*I*cos(θ) So, in order to have a small amout of current, which also reduces losses in power lines (P = R * I^2), you need a higher voltage.
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    Tricky Questions

    Ok i think i got it. :) You just have to ask: ¿Will the lier door lead me to death? Then just take the door of the guard that would say yes. Explanation: You don't really know who tells the truth and who lies, but here's the trick. D is death door. F is freedom door. 1. If the lier is...
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    State space

    I'm a total newbie on this, but from what i've read, you need to express all variables as a state space variable if you want to use them in a state space form. For example, when you want to incorporate an excitation system into a SMIB model, you have to express the variables of the excitation...
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    Why does current lag behind voltage in inductor?

    I'll try to use the perspective of power. As far as ii know, a conductive predominant circuit has positive reactive power, so S=P+jQ. Now, in per unit, we have S=VI* By substituting terms I=S*/V* which means I=(P-jQ)/V* S=P-jQ gives you a negative angle so current lags voltage, if you want to...
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    A little help with Power System Stabilizers (PSS)

    Hello everyone! I've been searching everywhere for useful info about this topic, but I haven't been able to find anything. My question is: Is it viable to tune a PSS by using time domain? The thing is, i don't know how you can associate the frequency range in which the PSS is needed for...