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    Ideal Gas Law (Simple )

    Homework Statement I need to find the volume for 1 kg of diatomic oxygen for a pressure of 150,000 Pa and a temperature of 100K. This is really part of a larger project, and I need to make sure I'm not tripping up on little details. It's that 1 kg of diatomic oxygen that I am a bit unsure...
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    Line Integral - Work Done

    Homework Statement A curve is formed by the intersection of y^2/9 + z^2/4 = 1 and the plane x-2y-3z = 0. The particle moving along the curve goes from (6,0,2) to (-6,0,-2). Find the work done on it by the vector field F(x,y,z) = -yi + xj + yzk. Homework Equations I'm going to need to...
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    Nuclear fusion problem (2nd semester physics)

    Homework Statement The first step in nuclear fusion on the sun involves the collison of two protons, which form a deutron. Consider two protons far apart on a collison course with equal but opposite velocity. Their average kinetic energy is given by K = 1/2mv^2 = 3/2KbT where Kb is...
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    Electric Potential on the z-axis

    Homework Statement Use direct integration over the charge on a wire segment to find the potential V(z) on the z-axis due to a finite segment of wire with linear charge density lambda extending along the x-axis from x = - a/2 to +a/2 Homework Equations The electric potential dV at some...
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    Simple Charges/Induction Question

    Homework Statement How can you use a charged rubber rod to induce a net negative charge on a metal sphere? Homework Equations None. The Attempt at a Solution OK, I understand the basics, but it seems like this question should be worded so as to inducing a net "positive" charge on...
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    Gauss' Law Problem?

    Hello, everyone. I hope that you can help me get started on one of the problems I have due this week. Homework Statement Find the electric flux through the hemisphere z = (square root of a^2 - x^2 - y^2). - The Attempt at a Solution I'm fairly certain I need Gauss' law to help...