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    Substitution differential equation problem

    Solve y' = y/x + 1/y I get a similar answer to the correct one but I believe I am making a substitution error. Here is my attempt: dy/dx = y/x + 1/y set v = y/x equation now becomes: v + x(dv/dx) = v + 1/(x*v) reduces to: dv/dx = 1/(x^2 * v) Now the equation is...
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    Find mass and center of mass of ice cream cone

    Homework Statement A toy manufacturer wants to create a toy ice cream cone by fitting a sphere of radius 4 cm inside a cone with a height of 8 cm and radius of the base of 3 cm. The base of the cone is concave, but the rest of the cone is solid plastic so that with the sphere attached...
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    Ball launched at an angle

    Homework Statement A ball is launched from the origin at an angle of inclination of 50 degrees above the xy plane. If the ball lands at coordinates (4,7,0), find the initial velocity of the ball. Homework Equations x=(voCos(50)Cos(theta))t y=(voCos(50)Sin(theta))t The Attempt...