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    Post your Winter and Spring 2011 schedules here!

    I'm currently registered for: Complex Variables II Differential Geometry II Basic Probability Functional Analysis Philosophy of Mind Advanced Logic I'm actually really excited for all my courses this semester! It's going to be so much work, though. I'll have to be sure to devote...
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    Schools Grades vs. Understanding for grad school

    You know, I agree with you that take-home finals better test your ability than in-class finals. I have a much better understanding of real analysis than I do of differential geometry. Differential Geometry had a take-home final, and I got an A. Real Variables had an in-class final, and I got a...
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    Hard time starting analysis, want to start fast

    Haha, of course! Fixed.
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    Hard time starting analysis, want to start fast

    OK, I'll give you a few questions, and let's see if you can answer it. If you can't answer it without looking at a book, I'll just tell you the answer, and ask you a similar question. Question 1: Is it possible for |x| to be less than 1/n for any natural number n, but for x to not equal zero...
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    Mathematics Grad. School Application Harvard

    Also, the reason I speak of things in such competitive terms, such as "advantage" "surpass", etc. is because these are inherent in a self-judgement. A self-judgement will always be based around what other people are doing, on some level. And self-judgement is necessary for a human being to...
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    Mathematics Grad. School Application Harvard

    It matters tremendously to me because one must find some standard against which to judge oneself. It helps tremendously to look at what other people are doing and think, "Hmmm... perhaps I should be doing what this person is doing!", or "Gee, I know not to go down that route!". The...
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    Mathematics Grad. School Application Harvard

    I sympathize a lot with Annonymous111, because I feel like I'm in a very similar situation. I also feel a bit jealous, because he has had opportunities I have not (or perhaps he had just seen and taken them while I bummed about in high school). I also feel more powerful than most...
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    Mathematics Grad. School Application Harvard

    I think this cuts to the root of the matter. It confers a great advantage on one to start studying advanced mathematics at an early age. It takes two things for this to happen: 1) A young child who is more or less intelligent, but who has a strange interest in mathematics in the same way a...
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    Not the usual GPA question (but similar)

    Honestly, I'm not too worried about it myself. If I am well-prepared, and have good recommendations, and have a GPA which for the most part reflects my level of understanding, and write a statement of purpose that effectively shows who I am, then I can't imagine being rejected for a difference...
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    Can you have too many interests?

    Yes, you can (at least practically speaking). It's completely natural to be interested in almost everything; this just means you are intellectually curious. I am a mathematics major, but my interests lie also in philosophy, Russian history, economics, political theory, psychology, artificial...
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    Admissions Requirements for Grad Admission

    Look, there's no real difference between a 3.9 and a 4.0. It's far more important that you have a solid foundation in your coursework (many upper-level courses) than where exactly you end up on the GPA scale. Think about it this way: A 3.9 means for every A- you receive, you earn two As, and...
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    Post your Fall 2010 schedule!

    In order of difficulty: Logic (In the philosophy department) Algebra I (Introduction to Algebra) Complex Analysis I (Introduction to Complex Analysis) Real Variables I (Graduate Real Analysis) Differential Geometry I (Graduate course) If only I could take another class without going over the...
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    If you were to start over your mathematical education

    Hmm... can you link to that list? I'm an undergraduate myself. I'm currently reading Andrew Wallace's "Introduction to Algebraic Topology", and I like the style very much. I can't say I have enough perspective to recommend it over any other book, however.
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    What's it like to be a mathematician?

    I completely agree with someperson05. Of course, you won't get very far in mathematics if you view it solely as an individual endeavor. Part of being a mathematician is learning about and understanding the structures other mathematicians have developed before you. I heard a story once which...
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    Advanced Undergraduate Math Abroad

    I go to NYU, and to remain in the honors program I am required to study abroad at least one semester (fall, spring, or summer). My university has study abroad "satellite campuses" where it's incredibly easy to study abroad. The problem is that the course offerings at these satellites are...
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    Programs Undergrad courses for Math PhD

    I'm an undergraduate myself, about to enter into my second year. I think you'll probably have a bit of trouble getting into the more competitive programs. I get the impression, however, that a lot of less competitive programs are decent in their own right. That is, most programs are more than...
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    Translating english into mathematical equations

    It doesn't. At least not directly. In most aspects, physics is a hard science. This means that claims are supported by "observation". I put "observation" in quotes, because what it actually means is "prediction". It's gotten to the point where all observations are performed so indirectly that...
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    Translating english into mathematical equations

    Physics is not really a matter of "translating english into mathematical equations". English and Mathematics are both languages used to describe phenomena studied in physics. Mathematics tends to be used more often because it is able to communicate complicated concepts very concisely and...
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    I'm pretty clueless about how to get scholarships I have tried

    Well, I'm taking out a lot of loans. That's how I pay for college! That, and my parents.
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    Is it actually easier to get into a prestigous school as an undergradute or graduate?

    Here's how I think about it: There are a lot of dimwitted, selfish, and ignorant kids at Ivy League schools at the undergraduate level. At the graduate level, there aren't. It's really all about who is better prepared. The prestigious universities' undergraduate programs take in a big chunk...
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    Schools How important is the Putnam to math grad schools?

    It's not important at all. Coursework, recommendations, and your statement are all tons more important (by a factor of 1000, 1000, and 1000 respectively). If you'd rather do something else, then do something else. It will likely make you happier, which will have a positive effect on your...
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    Studying Studying Physics at the Undergraduate Level, Urgent

    If you are really having a hard time making this decision, you can submit deposits to all four. Just don't regret it.
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    Studying Studying Physics at the Undergraduate Level, Urgent

    NOTE: All this advice is based on what I believe, not on absolute truth. Take it as such. MIT surprisingly has fantastic undergraduate liberal arts. (Arguably better than Harvard, Yale, Princeton in many ways). This is because all the professors are payed for their teaching ability. MIT's...
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    Schools What are the following schools known for

    My Impressions: Harvard: Law Yale: Politics Stanford: ??? Oxford: ??? Princeton: Mathematics Berkley: ??? Of course, I'm in no position to judge accurately. Why are you asking?
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    Schools Getting into Princeton Grad School for Math?

    I just have to say this: "THE NYU MATH DEPARTMENT IS AMAZING!" Not only did I have no trouble with working out my academic plan, but all of a sudden I'm taking five courses a semester, with three graduate level! Basically, it's absolute freedom! I can take whatever I want! Hooray! Here's my...
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    Schools Will grad schools understand my situation?

    I am going to offer you one bit of advice: TRANSFER. I'll trace back my reasoning from the obvious to the not-so-obvious. The reason you need to transfer originates in that the best graduate schools do not mess around with admissions. They won't even look at applicants without strong...
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    Programs Is it true not all of us can get a math degree?

    Yes! But that's beside the point. I believe that most people have the capacity to understand anything. The problem is that the process of realizing that capacity is unknown. It's all about finding the right approach to it, and some people naturally approach certain things in the right way. If...
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    Schools From undergrad to professor at a top tier university: how should I do it?

    There may be such a thing as jumping the gun, but that is no reason to not plan ahead. Example: there are so many things I wish I had known as a high school freshman, and a little bit of clear thought would have helped me tremendously in college applications. Separate "planning ahead" from...
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    Another math REU thread

    zpconn, I think that graduate schools care most about: 1) Solid coursework demonstrating your preparadness and ability 2) Good recommendations to speak to your character You need to look at whether MASS will help or hurt you with regard to those two factors. There is a third factor...
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    Schools High School Course Advice

    I took 9 AP classes in high school overall, all fives but two, and all I got into was NYU :smile: Universities like Princeton and Stanford essentially expect you be taking the most difficult classes in your high school. This, however, is not the reason to take them. The reason to take them is...