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    Transport Processes problem regarding viscosity/fluid flow and energy.

    Given : Q = 100,000 m3/day * 1 day/24 h * 1 h/60 s = 69.444 m3/s OD = 1.22 m , ID = 1.196 m , Lt = 1300 000 m , Laminar flow L = 1300 000 m/11 = 118182 m µ = 0.638 Pa.s , ρ =890 Kg/m3 Starting from first principles, estimate the pressure increase that must be generated by each of the...
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    Reusing thousands of collected samples of batches

    I do not think that there are factories that have 100 different products but if it is then, you have to know that the batch sample will be just a few mL so it is not a big deal. a small label on the bottle with name, date, and concentration then arrange your closet in a proper way then no...
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    Instrument or method to analyze Si and SiO2 powder

    I really want to measure the conversion I thing you mean Yield. I have an idea it may works but it is not accurate. If you have evaporation temperature for every component you can insert your sample in Thermo Gravimetric Analyzer which is an instrument that calculate change in weight vs...
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    Debate: Chemical or Materials Engineering as a Career

    It depend where you live in for example in an oil countries producer a chemical engineer field will be batter but in European countries Mechanical field will be batter. Do not forget that chemical engineering field is just a mix between ME and chemistry . working environment for both of them is...
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    Adsorption and diffusion

    i think that if the diffusivity of a fluid increases adsorption will decrease
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    Chemical Engineer

    I am a chemical engineering student . I want to tell you that chemical engineering does not depend really on chemistry . During your study you will not take an advace course on chemistry but you will study a general chemistry just to make sure that you can understand what is going on. when you...