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    Foreign Language

    My school advises that all majors in math and physics intending on grad school gain at least a reading proficiency of either French, German, or Russian. How important is language proficiency to grad school? Will it affect either my ability to learn or my chances at entering top programs...
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    Hawking Raditation and particle-antiparticle pairs

    The way I understand it it, black holes decay because particle-antiparticle pairs appear so close to the black hole that the particle gets away, but the antiparticle falls in and annihilates part of the black hole (Hawking Radiation), but there are two things I don't understand: 1) When the...
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    Possible Transfer

    I'm a freshmen at Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA. It's a good liberal arts school with a decent reputation, but my problem is thus; right through the end of High School I was convinced I wanted to study Philosophy (and am still considering doubling phil-physics), which Whitman is great for...