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    My daughter's first music single...'Confined'

    Hi, My daughter's first ever song, titled 'Confined' got published on Spotify/YouTube and few other websites. She did the complete work by herself, including lyrics, music, singing, guitar and Piano. Would like to request all of you to please support her by listening/subscribing to the song and...
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    Stay in the Game
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    Question about the Scientific process

    Ideally, I would like to see an article on the PF insights about the scientific process about how we come up with laws, theories, and hypothesis. May be I missed, if so, please point me to the right page. My specific questions are as follows: Is there a lab experimental evidence a must to...
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    Ramanujan Movie

    This is a well taken movie. Would strongly recommend...
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    Richard Feynman a womanizer?

    Was listening to a Charlie Munger interview: At time 1:55, Charlie mentions Feynman used to sleep with wives of his undergraduate students. I never knew about this personal side of him.
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    I Blackhole creation at near light speed?

    Yesterday, I attended the following presentation by Prof. Andrea Ghez. In the Q&A session towards the end, there was a question she fumbled to give a proper answer. She mentioned that as long as the mass is compressed into...
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    Poll of Polls

    If each individual poll has a margin of error, when you combine all the polls, why do they say poll of polls has no margin of error? Shouldn't the margin of error get multiplied when you combine many polls?
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    Should I Vote?

    If I'm not impressed with both the potential major candidates for the US presidential election, should I vote for the lesser of the two evils, or stay away from voting. What would you do? Would like to get people's opinion on the pros and cons. I wish there was a section on the ballot paper to...
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    Femto Photography

    Posting here, I think someone here would be interested in this:
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    News Mob kills man, injures son over ‘rumours’ that they ate beef In some part of India, being a cow seems to be better than a human. WTF?
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    Physics snopes section

    After reading ZapperZ's recent insight, I think a physics/science specific snopes section could be an interesting idea (obviously the posting should be allowed only by selected people or after reviewed by a selected few). Over the period, this could become a very resourceful database. And any...
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    Killing all the lions and tigers...

    Why don't we kill all the animals that 1. can have humans as food 2. top of the food chain 3. eats other animals that can be food for humans 4. no apparent use to humans. Lions and tigers come in this category. They do not seem to have any particular use to the humans. We could keep a few in...
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    Sound of Music

    I was watching 'The sound of Music' for the nth time with my 11 year old daughter. There is a scene at the beginning, the Reverend mother tells Maria to go to the Captain's house. My daughter insists the reverend mother says "the captain's wife died seven years ago". And when the kids's names...
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    The Fallen of WWII

    The Fallen of World War II. Apparently we live in one of the most peaceful times in human history.
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    Cartoon: Class difference in society

    I found this one interesting:
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    How did human female breasts evolve into such an important sexual organ?

    Sorry, this is a question on evolution. How did human female breasts evolve into such an important sexual organ? No other mammals other than humans seem to be interested in their corresponding female counterpart's breasts. They may be getting visually attracted, but do not seem to be interested...
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    Can pull up exercise increase height?

    Can pull up exercise (at a younger age, say, before 15 years old) increase height? My guess is yes, since weight lifting could decrease height (Or that is another myth?) If yes, by how much?
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    The new look of CNN website

    It sucks. It looks cheap and overly sensational on the news. You need to scroll down to read any text. I permanently moved to nytimes.
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    Can anyone identify this song?

    between 1:30 and 2:05
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    Gif-tiv-ism - Inspiring

    This is really inspiring to watch
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    'Feeling Good' what music genre is it? It sounds Jazz to my ears. But I'm pretty novice about music genres.
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    Can anyone recognize the background music?

    I like the background music. Can anyone recognize?
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    News Donald Sterling incident

    He said in a private conversation that he does not like some specific race of people. He did not make any jokes or derogatory comment about any race. He was communicating his race preferences to his girlfriend in a private conversation. His racism part did not interfere with his NBA team hiring...
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    Role of hands for running

    Why are we unable to run faster without hands moving? What's the role of hands for running?
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    Do you know how well educated I am?

    "Do you know how well educated I am?" She gives education a bad name.
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    Glass is not a liquid?

    Since my high school days, I learned that glass is a liquid. (Science naive students thought glass is solid, and the smarty pants knew it was actually a liquid:) Yesterday, while I was telling this interesting fact to my daughter, my wife argued that glass is solid. I googled to explain them why...
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    Numbers with sum = product

    a + b + c = a * b * c where a, b, c are positive integers. I can think of only one solution to this. {1, 2, 3}. Is there any other solution to it? Can you prove or disprove?
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    Can you eat Ikizukuri cuisine?

    Makes me really sick.
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    Can a robot be a judge?

    Feed all the laws into it and the robot and let the robot make unbiased judgements. Are human feelings necessary for a good court judgement? At least the first level judgement could be by a computer. If there is a dispute, it could be escalated to a higher human judge. Thoughts?
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    BMW i3 vs Tesla Model S

    I've decided my next car is going to be an electric. Never owned a fancy car before, so I was wondering why not this time. The short listed ones are BMW i3 and Tesla model S. Shortlisted based on cheaper model of a reputed brand. BMW i3 is not yet released. Anyone has any recommendations? I...