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    Earth System Science & Environmental Engineering

    Hey everyone! First of all, Happy Holidays... Now I'm still unsure about my major at all.. I'm currently studying EE at City College of New York... As you know more engineering major you start with your general courses, liberal arts and electives... I did all my sciences, math and...
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    Integration Problem

    Homework Statement f:=sin^3(x)cos(y) Integrate f, from x=y....pi/2) Homework Equations I can do it if the two letters were y... But i have no idea how to solve when they are combined..
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    How to find the Dielectric Strength

    Hello, everyone! I have a question, and i don't know how to solve it... They ask me for the dielectric strength! How do i find it?
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    Electric Field lines problem

    Hello Everyone! i need some guide and hints about this... Here is the link for the picture... From the figure, the electric Field lines arising from two charges Q1 and Q2 are shown. From this drawing we can see that A) The electric field could be zero at P2 B) Both Q1 and Q2 have the...