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    Discrete Best books to study during summer related to programming?

    Hello, I'm on the same boat as you, except that don't have any real life expirience with programming. Anyway I decided that I will take this course: as far as I know...
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    Help with self-learning

    I thought i post this in the CS forum
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    Java Any good websites for learning Java? this is the place from where I used to learn Java, however there aren't any challenges, and I had some experience with C before I used to learn Java. If you don't have any perior experience with programming I would recommend you Head First Java...
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    What is the best way to build a physics simulation You may be interested in this, once I finded it to be useful.
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    C/++/# C# tutorial for beginning programmer This is good resource about C#. However if I was on your place I would start with Java and then learn about algorithms and design patterns, after that I'd move to Android , this is in case you want my opinion.
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    Help with self-learning

    Hello, I still haven't introduced my self, i'm new here. Since I don't like typing about things on the wrong place I will jump directly into my problem. I have learned to program at home, i'm familiar with the syntax of C/C++/C#/Java/Python/PHP/HTML & CSS/JavaScript/bash/batch and a little bit...