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    Problem involving Newton's second law

    Homework Statement see here for a situation of the problem Homework Equations F=ma The Attempt at a Solution Ok well I've solved this problem but one thing about the solution process troubles me. Namely when trying to find the force in the bar...
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    Confused about answer wolfram alpha spat out to me.

    Homework Statement Ok well I had a real nasty equation in which i could not solve. I used wolfram alpha to get out this answer "theta ≈ 0.74559 + 6.28319n for integer n". can someone please tell me what this statement means. do i assume theta in degrees equals 0.74559(180/pi)...
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    Polar coordinates question

    Homework Statement Here is a picture of the situation Homework Equations polar coordinate system The Attempt at a Solution ok so first i'm attempting to find velocity as a function of time, first I know V=(dR/dt)er +(R)(d∅/dt)e∅ - this is a...
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    Energy conservation problem

    Homework Statement see link for a picture of the situation, Homework Equations (1/2)mv^(2) , (1/2)k*l^(2) The Attempt at a Solution Total energy of the system at the given point of time is mv^(2)/2+kl^(2)/2 = 0.6*100/2+100*0.25/2 = 30+12.5 =...
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    A problem involving Newton's second law.

    Homework Statement see this link Homework Equations F=kx, F=ma The Attempt at a Solution ok first I find the total length of the pulley system, 2Sa+Sb=L, differentiating with respect to time i get, 2Va + VB=0 and thus 2Aa+Ab =0 So Aa =-Ab/2 next I first...
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    Newton's Second law problem

    Homework Statement See the this link for problem statement, Case 1 I've solved, however I'm unsure about how good my solution is for case 2. Homework Equations F=ma Fu = N * uk The Attempt at a Solution Ok first I sum the forces in the y direction...
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    Work-kinetic energy theorem

    Homework Statement Hi all, I am currently working on a problem that i believe involves the work-kinetic energy theorem. See the attachment and information below. As shown in the figure, the geometry of the water slide used is 1m: Slide length = 61,; Slope angle = 24; Ramp height = 3.66 m...
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    Constrained motion problem

    Homework Statement See attached picture. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I have the solution, but I'm puzzled by the first step in their solution, which reads Xa^(2) + Xb^(2) = L^(2) The solution provider then takes the time derivative of this expression which then...
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    Relation between acceleration and velocity

    Hi all, so my question is can i carryout normal algebraic operations on derivatives, for example: v=ds/dt and a=dv/dt then eliminating dt a=(dv/ds) *v then, a *ds= v*dv is that how you derive the relationship between acceleration, velocity and displacement?