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    Looking for good websites about physics

    Are there any good websites out there that are good at explaining various physics concepts and theories, from Newtonian physics to string theory, in a form that a high school physics student like myself can understand? I need to know this since I am currently fascinated with physics and...
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    What Exactually is a Photon?

    I've been wondering this for a while now, and I've looked into it but I'm still confused. I understand that photons are emitted when an electron jumps energy levels, or (correct me if I'm wrong) when an electron and positron collide (annihilate) with each other. But these don't answer my...
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    General Relativity for Dummies

    Is there any way to explain the General Relativity equation(s) to a person only educated in high school algebra? I have been studying genera relativity for a while now but the mathematics I am a bit confused on, will anybody be willing to break it down algebraically for me?
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    AP Physics B & C

    Hi! I believe that I have asked a question to this similar before but I was unable to find it. I am going into my senior year of high school and I have the choice to take AP Physics B or C. I am currently signed up to take AP C, but I have been wondering lately if that's the best choice since...
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    Questions over Quantum Physics

    Hello! High school physics student here. I have some quantum physics questions for you. I am currently doing various studies through Wikipedia right now over quantum physics and I find it extremely fascinating, but I am a bit confused when it comes to the quantum probability areas. The...
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    Refraction and Special Realitivity

    Hello, new comer to realitivity here. My friend and I were wondering if when light refracts if the photons temporarly convert back into partial mass. Through my understanding of e=(mc^2)/sqrt(1-v^2/c^2) it appears as if they would, but since photons have an infinite amount of energy...
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    Phyiscs Books

    Does anybody know of any good and easy to understand books over theoritical fields in physics (i.e. quantum phyiscs, partical physics, general realitivity, etc.)? I'm really interested into reading in on those topics right now, so I would apperciate your help. Thanks!
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    Programs Physics or Engineering Degree?

    Hello! New here. For a while I have been setting my eyes on NASA for my future career, and I'm stuck on what degree I should major in. I have looked at Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Engineering Physics, and Phyiscs. Which one should I go for if I were to work for NASA or a...