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    Who communicates best at PF

    Suddenly this thread seems to make sense (the OP seems to have disappeared from the scene) ....good job ousider,marlon and smurf :cool: !!
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    PF Member : The Cryptic Clue Game

    27. unity is mightier than his eccentricity
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    PF Member : The Cryptic Clue Game

    <<Matt Grime>>
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    Some interesting Nobles you Read

    "Temple" by Matthew Reilly is a good choice for sci-fi buffs..."The Da Vinci Code" was superb too... but if you've just begun reading...don't miss "Sherlock Holmes". Holmes' indian counterpart "Feluda" (satyajit ray) is pretty good too...
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    There is nothing spiritual about Spiritualism

    I think spirituality is something very personal....a billion people will have a zillion different views on the subject. a person who views spirituality as a means of achieving a higher goal in life will, i think, not talk about it...but prefer to practice it in silence. so, essentially, the...