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    Testing GRE physics: Evaluation of my abilities

    Dear Friends, I am planning to take physics GRE test in October, between October and now I have nothing to do but to study physics. I have a three year Bachelor degree in Natural Sciences (i.e. equal emphasis on Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics). So here is what I know: I understand although...
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    Uniform continuity of functions like x^2

    Why some functions that are continuous on each closed interval of real line fails to be uniformly continuous on real line. For example x2. Give conceptual reasons.
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    Convergence of a Cauchy sequence

    Since I don't know how to use latex I have posed my question in word file. Yours help is greatly appreciated.
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    Analysis Problem Books

    I am currently studying Vladimir A. Zorich's Mathematical Analysis 1 book. Can anyone suggest me a complementary problem book. Such book should preferably have challenging exercises and generally with full solution. I have already browse through Schuam's Outline series, but I couldn't find any...
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    About my future

    Hello everyone, Thank you for taking time to read this post. I am currently doing my under graduation in physical sciences in not so reputed college. I wanted to become a high energy physicist and wanted to do research in in the field of quantum gravity. As I have already mentioned my college...
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    Under graduate PHYSICS student

    Hello Everyone, I am an under graduate PHYSICS student and this year I am going to take INTRODUCTORY course in electronics. Can you suggest me a book on this subjects. Since I am a physics student so the book should also contain mathematical calculations (most of books don't contain one)...
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    Solid state physics

    Hello everyone, I am an undergraduate student and this year I am going to study Introductory Solid State Physics. My instructor has assigned us book of Charles Kittel. But the book has got terrible reviews on amazon. So I fear purchasing it. However there is an another book by Ashcroft that has...
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    Self help books

    Can anyone suggest me self help books for students which inspire me, motivate me and help me to manage my student life better. Thank you.
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    Infinite series

    Can Gauss test be applied to second and third series. I am totally confused which test to apply on the first series.
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    Partial derivatives

    Do I need to use Schwarz's or Young's theorems to prove it, if don't then do I need to evaluate them on (0,0) using definition.
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    Directional derivatives

    According to the statement(attached file) in order to find the directional derivative I must know unit vector along the direction and the point at which to find the directional derivatives. From the angle I can find out the direction (as the cosine of the angle) but not the point. Then how can I...
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    Improper Integral

    How the following limit can be zero, since after applying L'Hospital rule the root x will be in the numerator, which together with sinx will constitute infinity.
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    A beta function

    Prove the relation given in the following word file, I would like to request you to please help me to solve it even if it is a standard relation.
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    Beta Functions

    As rho should be a constant. Then how d(rho) appears in the calculations.
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    Gama Functions

    Solve the question
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    Melvin Schwartz's book on electrodynamic

    Have anyone of you have listened about Melvin Schwartz's book on electrodynamic. It is known to be inconventially written. Is this a good book for an undergrad. If not which book is better between David J. Griffiths and Purcell. Thank You.
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    Advice on Greate calculus book

    Advice on Great calculus book Hi, I am doing self study in calculus by using courant's differential and Integral calculus. The only problem with this book is that author rarely do solve example. Is there any solution manual avalible for this book online. If not, please suggest me books with...
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    Harmonic Potential

    Can we expand harmonic potential in a Taylor series. If so then piz tell me how?
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    Reading textbooks on ebook reader

    Reading textbooks on ebook reader!! Well I wonder that I am not the first with this Idea. I am reading lots great eBooks (by Walter Greiner) on my desktop. Well, I am so impressed by those books that I have decided to use them as my textbooks. But the problem is I can't sit in front of LCD for...
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    Negative energy

    What is meant by total negative energy associated with bound bodies like planets. and also total energy of the hydrogen atom is negative. I wonder how it could be? Because I believe whatever negative energy may be, It must only be associated with bound systems, and I don't think that an isolated...
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    About fields

    HI, I wanted to know what is field anyway, Is it wave, particle or some different sort of physical entity.