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    Get system username when opening MS Access

    We have a shared 2007 MS Access DB here at work and I would like to run a script that runs everytime someone opens the file. I would like the VBA script to get the user's username and append a log table with that info and with the date and time. I tried looking this up have only found uses for...
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    Tagging a Category in HTML

    All, i'm creating a website for my wife and i'd like to be able to make updates while at work. unfortunately our filters here won't let the site come through because of the category settings. For example, if i were to try and go to the texas lotto page, our filters would block it because the...
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    Re-use Recovery Disc

    I bought a computer from a store over a year ago and it came with a recovery disc for the OS. i know you can't use the disc on a different computer but can it be used on the same machine if the motherboard is changed out. it seems like it wouldn't since the motherboard and processor are what...
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    Video Card Flickers/Blinks

    I recently bought a GeForce FX 5200 for a secondary computer. I installed as suggested and the screen flickers slightly now. i've read that there are some adjustments that can be made to the bios but i am unsure as to how to do this. does anyone have any ideas? the screen comes up fine but...
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    Macro Media Flash on Palm OS

    I recently received a Palm T/X for my birthday and I've found that i can't view flash on it. Does anyone know if and how i can get a flash player on it? I've never had a PDA so i'm a newbie with these things. Thanks.
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    Wireless network not working

    I recently bought a belkin 54Mbps/wireless (g) router. i also bought the accompanying wireless pci cards for my two computers. one computer runs windows xp pro and the other runs windows xp home, and a third computer runs windows 98 SE and is connected with ehternet. my problems are with the...
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    Hooking up Xbox/PS2 Wireless

    I know the PS2 has a USB port but not sure about the Xbox. does anyone know if i could use a wireless usb adapter to connect either one to my wireless network? i don't yet have an xbox but i do have a PS2. otherwise would it be possible to use a wireless access point to connect either...
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    Home network with Win 98 & 2000

    I'm trying to set up a home network between two comuters. i have both connected to a router and they connect to the internet just fine. On computer has Win 2000 Pro and the other Win 98 SE. My computer with win 2000 is able to see and connect to the win 98 machine but i can't get the win98 to...
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    Upgrading PC133

    Forgive the antiquated technology, but here's the question. I have a computer that still uses PC133 memory and all that entails and myy processor is a celeron and runs at 500 MHz. Do they still make compatible processors that i could upgrade to? Something running at least 1 GHz? I'm not sure...
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    2000 Ford Mustang Mach 460 system

    I'm trying to find out if anyone knows anything about installing aftermarket speakers into a ford mustang convertible. It's a 2000 and has the Mach 460 sound system. My main concern is with increasing the bass. i've read that the car outputs 460 watts to 4 subwoofers. does this mean that an...