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    Medical Mind / brain / thought ehnanceing pills

    there was some thing on the news not long ago and i would like to find out what has happened in this field folks are takeing med that tho made for some other condition are enhanceing their abbility to thing better and be more on "their game" then normal and that the military has also been...
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    Solid mater?

    some one told me that if a nucleus is the size of a marble and the electron is the size of a bb that the distance between them is like 2 MILES! is this true ? if so how can matter be so... solid?
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    Best knife blade metal?

    hi you'al, i hang in a knife forum and there is a lot of discussion on what steel is "best" for knife blades..latest fad/dream steel is some power made to steel from Hitachi some of what i wander is the "powder" made no for these steels and what adds to the properties of the steel the...
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    Made in USA?

    i am a knife collector and in this one knife forum there is some times much talk of made in USA markings... some one who was not a reg poster said there was very little or no brass made in the usa any longer.. that 90% of new brass stock was from china.. my question then was is there any...
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    Acid etching?

    hi , i am newbie here and reading through i find it ... stimulating.. now as to what brought me here.. i have wanted to look in to art form of acid etching different knids of tempered steel used in stainless knife blades.. does any one there know what mask coating will take a fine...