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    Automotive Random Vibration and PSD spectrum profiles

    There is a great article by Tom Irvine on why the units are unusual. I have myself wondered this for some time, working in this field. The units are generally motivated by the practical considerations of signal processing, viz., getting a meaningful measure of amplitude that is free from the...
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    Stress Calculation on trailer legs

    There are quite a few other corrosion-resistant materials out there, some of them non-ferrous. Even within the family of austenitic steels you can consider 304L or 316L in the 1/2-hard 3/4-hard or full hard or extruded Cond. F grades as alternatives. I can also see where Chris is going... those...
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    Flywheel materials

    It's come upon my interest that besides capacitors, flywheels can also be used to store considerable amounts of energy at impressive levels. The best material is supposedly carbon fiber, since it can spin at high speeds. But what about other materials like steel fibers or fiberglass? Those...