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    Want community feedback on the CrossFire Fusion Reactor

    I wanted to ask the community about something I ran into the other day and I know nothing about physics. I can help you build and hack your network, but stuff like this? Forget it. Other then posting this guy's website, I don't know how to explain it, beyond what he has designed, and his...
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    Need calculus textbook recommendation

    I am going to start with the dummies to calculus I, but I'd like a book that gives real life examples of calculus in use. Would that be really any math text book or does anyone have recommendations?
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    Molarity to grams

    Homework Statement Calculate the mass (in grams) of KHP required to react completely with the NaOH in 35 mL of 0.100M NaOH. KHP = KHC8H4O4(aq) molar mass of "KHP"= 204.2 g/mol Homework Equations This is a double replacement reaction of the acid-base neutralization type. In other words the K...
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    By how much does the speed change each second?

    Homework Statement A vehicle moves in a straight line with an acceleration of 3 km/h2. By how much does the speed change each second? Answer in units of km/h. Homework Equations Not sure The Attempt at a Solution sqrt 3 to get a base answer then divide by 3600 I have also...
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    Basic physics requirements and a teacher

    This may be a long read. Giving you a heads up :zzz: I am trying to achieve as many opinions as possible to figure out if this problem is simply my own or the teaching style does not agree with the way I learn, maybe i simply do not belong in science. It is past the drop the course point, so...