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    Schools How Rigorous are High School Calculus classes?

    Hello everyone, I'm a high school student and wondering about the rigor of the AP Calculus classes that U.S. high school students often take. When I say rigor here, I'm talking about mathematical rigor as is commonly talked about with regard to math classes, and also whether or not the class is...
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    Applied Math or Theoretical Physics?

    Hello everyone, as those of you who have helped with my other threads know I'm currently a high school student and an aspiring physicist. I'd like to start out my post by saying that I completely understand that I am very early to be thinking this far ahead, especially when I haven't experienced...
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    What are the prerequisites for basic quantum mechaics

    Hello everyone, I'm currently a high school student that hopes to be a physicist one day and I'm part of a special science and math focused program in a public high school, which was started to promote STEM. It's a relatively prestigious and very rigorous program with a full on research project...