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    Angular Momentum of a system of particles relative to another point

    Homework Statement Two particles move in opposite directions along a straight line. Particle 1 of mass m1 = 23 kg at x1 = 16 m moves with a speed v1 = 34 m/s (to the right), while the particle 2 of mass m2 = 64 kg at x2 = −25 m moves with a speed v2 = −43 m/s (to the left). Given...
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    Total angular momentum of hands of Big Ben

    Hello I just can't seem to get this problem right Homework Statement The hour and minute hands of Big Ben in London are 2.6 m and 4.58 m long and have masses of 68.6 kg and 97 kg respectively. Calculate the total angular momentum of the minute and hour hand about the center point. Treat...