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    Study Strategy for Undergrads

    The one thing I always do without fail is reading lecture material before going to the lecture. I can't stress enough how important this is. By going into a lecture with familiarity of the subject I get a lot more out of it. In my opinion, lectures should be less about gross learning and more...
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    Tips on Dealing with a horrible class?

    The only advice I can give is supplementary work. I encountered the same issue with my Organic Chemistry professor. He could not have cared less about the success of his students. There was a supplementary workbook/solution manual that wasn't required for the class. I went ahead and took the...
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    Med school

    A friend of mine recently got accepted to UT Southwestern Medical School. As far as the credentials he had: 4.0 GPA with Summa Cum Laude Honors Undergraduate Research/Thesis Physician Shadowing Every Summer MCAT score of 36(don't remember the writing sample grade) Letters from 2...
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    Small relatively unknown undergrad

    I shadowed a physician last semester that did exactly what you are asking about. He went to a very small school nearby as a chemistry major. After graduating from this unheard of school he went on to receive a Ph.D in organic chemistry from Johns Hopkins University and later an MD. It's...
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    Oral communication

    At this point in my educational career, I seldom get nervous. All the presentations I've given so far are to peers over a topic of my choice. I know for a fact that when I speak to a class about serum-negative myasthenia gravis or SLE, nobody in there knows more about it than I do (at least...
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    Success Without Going to Class

    I commute 45 minutes each way to school; this leads to quit a gas drain if I drive there 5 days a week. In the past I have found people to carpool with, but this is often unreliable. I have gotten to the point where I go to class about as often as I don't. Luckily, I am very familiar with my...
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    Organic chemsitry

    I didn't find Organic Chemistry to be near as brutal as people had warned me about. It is almost completely different from general chemistry. There are no plug and chug equations like the gas laws. Much of what you learned in general chemsitry won't be used too much. The things to review...
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    Studying Studying before tests?

    I never study before a test. However, I use study to refer to the concentrated effort of learning material. I study material the day we cover it in class; each day after that is a review to keep it refreshed in my mind. If you will learn the material thoroughly when first introduced to it and...
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    Post your Fall 2009 Schedule!

    General Physiology Eukaryotic Cell Biology Topics in Pathogenic Microbiology One more semester to go in undergrad, only 6 hours left to complete:)
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    CAn't get top grades

    As several folks have already said, it's really a matter of your study habits. While it is true that some individuals pick up on stuff more quickly than others, I would hesitate to say that (aside from mental handicap) any concept is impossible to grasp. Your mastery of the subject will...